The final Moulding technique really sets the shape of my designs, whilst the fold may come out one way in small paper the final outcome has many more stresses and pressures on it so will become a different form. The spaces between the panels as well also added to the shape, making Kronen go from a 50cm (MK1) pot to a 67cm(MK2).

Pots Coffee Table and Nets

For each pot there was a net from which the form was originally folded and below are the mould nets and final shapes, hopefully showing how the forms came from a very simple pattern.

This is Kronen bowl laid flat and the coffee table version beneath. The nice thing about this shape was that whilst with any other type of mould it would need more than one part, my method enabled it to be a one piece mould.

kronen bowl net for mould


ac kronen Concrete outdoor coffee table 3 - Copy

Taking Kronen Bowl from it’s above form to Kronen Tall was easier said than done. My designs needed to lay flat in order for them to work with the moulds and like any mould you want to minimise the amount of flanges and finishing that occurs post moulding. In order to do this I altered the shape very slightly so that the sides went from top to bottom with one surface rather than 2, this change enabled the net below to become Kronen Tall


kronen net for mould

AC flower pots kronen tall (12) 1000 logo

Whilst the actually shape of Prisme and Kronen are quite different, the net and consequently mould from which they came was exactly the same. The difference being the way in which they were held by their frames. Prisme had no support at all and once hoisted into the air and held together could simply be lowered to the floor to take its own weight. Kronen on the other hand had 8 arms that pushed in the inner corners and gave it that dynamic form.

kronen net for mould


AC prisme grey concrete 6

Femkant was little different to the other shapes in that it had to have a cut that went right to the core. This didn’t effect the process though and once safely in it’s support the pot was sturdy and reliable.

femkant net for mould

AC flower pots Femkant (10) 1000 logo