During the Sketch programme the form develops in many different ways and is often exaggerated from the final outcome.  With liquid silk I was able to establish a decent idea reasonably fast and then began to turn it in to a more resolved solution. At the start of the page you can see some of my sketches taking the female form as an inspiration. I was trying to learn good lines to be able to incorporate into the design. It’s one thing looking but when you connect pen with paper you are able to interact with the form much better. You can see that by the end of the sketch phase the renders show quite a different shape to the final outcome as it transitioned through the various stages of the process.




Once the inspiration sketching was over I began to develop the form. Many other sketches were drawn up but these are the closest to the final solution





Already a nice flowing form has caught my eye, just that one line can be enough to base a whole design round. The way it flows left and right with speed and grace. The hard bit then is getting the other lines to work with it!




Once I began to feel comfortable with the form I was able to start adding colour and shading so I could better understand the contours of the shape. This is where it gets more refined in the design and once I felt I had a good basis I went into designing the finished solution in a 3d program.


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