My contemporary sculpture ‘Unity Ring’ was a proposal for a commission on board a cruise ship due to be launched in 2016. The ship will be the largest ever made so being asked to propose my work was a rare and honoured opportunity. It was reassuring to know that such large and influential characters valued my work sufficiently to want it on board.

Modern Sculpture unity ring by Adam Christopher

The client saw my Flame and originally asked me to propose that for another space but after the work I had done for that the proposals escalated in value until they reached this one. I sadly didn’t have a huge amount of time to create the work but nevertheless it was sufficient to get a shape drawn up and put into 3d.

The whole proposal took 2 weeks from pen to paper to saving the final presentation, despite being told just days before that the deadline had moved forwards. Luckily I had done all the work and was awaiting quotations from companies on how to make it and how much it would be so moving the deadline didn’t effect me too much.

Below you can see all the different stages that I went through in order to achieve the final outcome that is Unity Ring.

seated dancer


First point was working out an inspiration for the work. Have a look at some of the images and themes that led me to the design, Unity Ring

Sketch Programme

No sculpture would be able to begin without an initial sketch program. Once the inspiration seed has been sown it’s about getting the ideas down on paper to work out the form and see what shapes are possible. Take a look at what shapes started to come together to create the sculpture.

Unity ring contemporary sculpture sketch 8 small


render in scene logo

Final Design

With the idea roughly sketched out it really isn’t finalised until it becomes a 3d form. The sketches were taken into a 3d programme and finalised so see how they turned out