The customer wanted the rust effect but not the powder coming off which was an obvious and understandable request that coincided perfectly with the studio doing sealer tests so it felt like fate. A collection of pots, all in rust, were ordered and all sealed to give a slightly satin effect that I actually really like.

For me the final effect is like a ceramic finish as it has the depth of the rust but also the sheen of a glaze. I would like to be able to find more interesting finished for the concrete but at this stage it’s new designs that are the most important.


The planting of the pots is striking with a large cactus being a focal point for the Prisme while others have less tall specimens in but the effect is marvelous. Sara, (the designer) combined my pots with contrasting designs of white round pots and patinaed Chinese style vessels.

The project looks great and the customer was pleased with the result as was her client. It’s great to see a talented professional put my pots to use in a creative environment like this and I look forward to seeing more projects from customers. Thanks to Sara Jane Rothwell for the photos and for using my work.




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