When designing my own wedding invites I wanted to use my knowledge and love of origami  to create the invites. As a result I came up with something that I think is pretty cool and I thought I would show you how to do the fold so you can try it. I will be using the a similar fold to create some wall art so stay tuned if you like what you see.


Have a view of the video or read below to see how the magic happens and have a go yourself.

Measure out 210mm along the long edges of the long sides of a A4 piece of paper. Make sure the run parallel with the short sides as this is a guide line to cut later.

Draw on marks at 105mm as well for guidance when folding later on.

Draw a line between the 210mm marks with a ruler and pencil.

Cut along that line very straight and make sure that the cut starts and stops exactly on the marks.

This will have left you with a perfect square. Each side wil have 210mm of length so find the 105mm marks you drew at the start and fold in the corresponding edge to meet those marks. When done spin it around and do the other side so it can open like a set of windows.

If you want to use this as you invite in the same way I did then this is when you should stick it on. When folding it puts stress on the paper so any unstuck parts will buckle so it is very important that the stuck sections are completely covered.

Use a good glue that doesn’t cause the paper to swell and wrinkle and place it under something heavy to press it flat while it dries.

Mark on the 105mm marks on the edge with no folds through them. There should be 2 left.

Repeat what you did earlier and fold in the ends to the 105mm marks so you end up with squares in each corner.

Using the 105mm mark, (everuseful they are), find the centre of the square by drawing a short line in the middle of the opposing marks.

Fold the corners of the square into the centre so that the lines match the paper edge. You can allow a mm to the line so that you don’t risk the paper edges clashing later on.

Make sure the folds are as equal as possible. Easier said than done, I did 35 of these and a large amount had one gap bigger than the rest.

Unfold the entire paper fold.

Form the window arrangement again by folding in 2 of the opposing parallel side in to meet each other of the 105mm marks.

This image is right it is hard to explain this so I would refer you to the video of me making the origami at this point as I slowed it down to you can see more clearly.




Spin the whole thing round and repeat this for the other side.



Flip the fold over so the clean side is facing upwards and from the centre out push the edge of a ruler down on the folds to sharpen and flatten the invite.

flip over again and see the master piece you have created. Its a very simple fold but looks great and is useful for containing letters.

Check out the video to see what I did after the last screen shot.



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