There are many many different types and styles of furniture available on the market today and most take the easy option and choose to buy rattan. Rattan is woven plastic/reed around a metal frame and is wonderfully versatile due to its strength, lightness and minimalist style. I have deliberately steered away from rattan in this article as it is so common and I want to show you some alternatives to the most popular style of the moment.

Great things can be achieved by using creativity and building things in or even making use of ordinary off the shelf products, have a look through these images and see if you can get inspired to buy something a little different to the usual garden furniture.


Rattan weave on a wooden frame is a nice mix of the popular style with wooden touch


Home made corner sofas can be cheap and easy so why not use this image for your own inspiration, it looks fabulous!


Wire furniture is very of the moment and while these are a little thicker than usual they are still quite cool.


I love the way this bench uses flowing lines, it’s a public space but still could be good inspiration for a feature seat in your garden.


Using trestles and some sheets of wood can look great as seen here. This isn’t an expensive set up with the chairs as well but it drips Scandinavian style.


If you are lucky enough to have the space this looks like a great way to fall asleep under a tree, just remember the sun cream!


Bean bags outside might not seem like a good idea but they look great here. Check out HVO for more spec and how to use them accordingly


These oak chairs and built in sofa look great but come with a price tag. Sitting on a roof top terrace you know they won’t be on sale down at Tesco’s but that makes them even more appealing


Taking the rattan style and chunking it up these large scale loungers shout comfort and style.


Again oak sofa looks great with a very simple form.


HAY really have designed a winner here. Whilst definitely not the most comfortable chair in the world it seems not to matter to the style concious as they are being snapped up like hot cakes!

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