Since 2003 Primrose have been offer a huge variety of tasty garden bits a bob for sale through the website I myself have bought some stuff and it was great value and did the job wonderfully. Their selection of goods is addictive with the opportunity to search through their site looking at planters and flower pots until the sun comes up.

Their prices are good as well with them being such a large organisation they can clearly get Their garden goodies at a pretty good price and are able to bounce that saving on to us the humble customer.

My own pots aren’t available through Primrose unfortunately but they do offer and very different alternative to the usualy offerings the market has. Have a look at some of my work and see what you think

AC Femkant grey edit hedge logo (2)

AC kronen tall corten steel corten steel 6

AC prisme corten steel 2

AC Kronen Bowl grey edit logo (6)


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