There isn’t anything much more idyllic than a summers evening sitting outside and enjoying the night with someone special, and looking into it there seems to be a theme. The Danes have something called hygge which basically means cosy and this is a style in it’s own right. I have collected a few images that show off this cosy environment. The soft furnishing of a picnic blanket and wild look of the planting make for a relaxed and welcoming setting.

The great thing about this garden design style is that it is cheap to create but incredibly effective. In fact I would almost say the more you spent on items the less it would work. Old mismatching chairs, floral table clothes, tarnished candle holders, rustic flower pots and a weathered table all add the the effect of cosiness.


Have a look at the images below and see what you think about creating you own romantic, cosy garden space


Aiken House and Garden

Table for 4


Garden Design Associates

Maven Bride

Cosy garden corner

Garden World Images

Hidden table in the garden


By Foltiere – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, 


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