It’s nice when people like my work and when that love comes from inside the family it’s a bit special. Last year my wife told me that my farther in law secretly really wanted one of my pots but as they are made externally and I pay a lot for shipping he didn’t want to ask for one. Luckily he gave us a lot of help last year with our wedding and moving house so I thought he had earned himself a good Christmas present.

I had one made for him and along with another pot had them shipped over to be pride of place in his garden. It took a few months to get in place because the weather was a bit terrible but it’s finally there and he managed to roll all 70kg of pot down the garden and into position.

The pots stands proud and is a real feature of the garden with the bright orange colour lighting up an otherwise green corner of the garden. He has taken the inspiration for planting from my demo pictures and used a blue grass which keeps things simple.






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