The world of sculpture is vast and knowing what you want is only half the battle. Affording what you want is something that most can’t justify and many have trouble quantifying. The simple fact is that most sculpture is made by hand in the country it is sold as a one off which mean that you are paying for the labour time of a person to design and create such a piece and this is all relative to your own wage. The likes of eastern manufacturing has warped many peoples understanding of value and they forget how things are made and that the majority of what they buy is produced by  people who earn less than what we would spend on netflix each week.

Sadly this means that when someone sees a work of art that has taken 4 weeks plus to make and a price tag in the £0000’s it is often offensive to many but realistic in western countries when produced by hand in runs of one. Thankfully there are some people out there that are affluent enough and appreciative enough of craft to spend their hard earned cash on these works which means that the likes of you and I can at least admire photo’s of them for inspiration.

This peice grabbed my attention because it really stood out as being different. there are endless torso’s of men in this pose and to quite honest the bore the hell out of me but to see someone put a twist on the usual really works for me

Whilst not technically a sculpture this photo could well be. I like the way you can see the figures underneath but the fabric gives you new lines to imaging and the way they intersect works really well.

When I first saw this I thought it was man sized but researching it further its huge. That isn’t why its here, it’s here because the line in it I hadn’t appreciated appeared on a horse I can see very easily how I could take the essence of a horse and make a stunning work from it.

Playing with the materials of wood and the location of the bush makes this sculpture work brilliantly.


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