8 Delicious Design Details

For the designers among us it is the details in products that can get us going. Most people wouldn’t notice…

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5 Funky Concrete Fonts

The fonts used for architectural numeration can really make the feel of the building work. A contemporary modern font is…

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10 Interesting Large Planters

It may not be the right season for planters but that doesn’t mean there aren’t nice inspiration pictures out there…

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10 Super Nice Gardens

Although the summer has come to a close and autumn is very definitely upon us I thought it would be…

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10 Creative Ceramics Vases

Although concrete, my pots often fall into the same category as ceramics and could be called concrete ceramics. That’s a…

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Pots With A View

I quite often have the honour have selling to customers with some nice houses or premises and this customer is…

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