The First Show!

My first show is over Easter weekend so pop along and see the sculptures in all their glory. Fingers crossed…

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Let the painting begin!

Lime green, red and midnight purple sculptures with their first coat of shiny gloss paint, looking good

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New development shed

After a winter in a tent I was thoroughly frozen so it was decided that a large log cabin be…

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Bright green flame sculpture

Bright green sprayed

I have investigated many different paints to find one that I deem suitable quality and it’s harder than you think.…

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Painted yellow

Getting near production and here we have the first gloss yellow flame

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Test colour green

Starting to do test colours to see what looks good. Green to start but unfotunately due to the rain and…

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Winds destroy the workshop

The high winds blew the workshop over at the weekend meaning my paint didnt dry and everything got wet. Thankfully…

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100% Design London

This was a design show in London that i attended to get some inspiration for where my sculpture could be…

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Colour selection

My range of sculptures is designed to add some excitment and interest into the garden and what better way to…

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New mould for liquid silk

Moulds complete it was time to test them out. Unfortunately the materials let me down and the slump was too…

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Liquid silk in red

Well, after failed tests using marine gel coat I am back using Dulux Weathershield, wonderful stuff. Covered the imperfections well…

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sketch girl on side

Female Form Sketching

It may seem like strange relation but the human body is relevant in all sorts of design, even flower pots.…

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