Kronen 90 Concrete Contemporary Planter In Rust Effect Finish 91.5cm x 57cm x 57cm


As a result of Brexit, corona and the culmination of various other factors, 2020 is the year that I have sadly had to close shop and discontinue my range of planter. I do hope to be back in the future so feel free to express your interest in the form below.

Like it’s 2 sister planters the Kronen 90 is an origami style concrete planter made from a folded design 8 point star. The design was adapted to be a tall planter so that it could adorn doorways or walkways. The more slender size makes the tall planter perfect to fit a 60cm space.

The original design was inspired by the opening of a seed and the repeat patterns that can be seen in nature which ties in nicely to it’s purpose in life. It is a striking, tall design that can make a real feature of your space. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use the contemporary concrete planters are water proof and have a plug system installed into the concrete base.

Kronen 90 come in pairs and is available is in 3 different colours, white, grey and rust stained. The colour range has been designed to be modern and contemporary and offer different feels for the planters. All the three modern flower pots are made from the same material, GRC (glass-fibre reinforced concrete). This is the same stuff they make architectural facades with as it brings the weight down whilst increasing the tensile strength of concrete.

Please note the rust effect finish is a powder which is applied to the surface of the concrete and consequently reacts and stains the concrete. The residual rust powder will remain on the pot when delivered as part of the effect but can be removed leaving the stained surface visible. The powder will likely stain what it touches so it is suggested that you remove the dust if you are to place the pot in an area where staining may be an issue. If not then you can enjoy the patina of weathering of the powder over time. Any questions just ask 🙂


W-570 MM, H-915 MM, D-570 MM (NB See image diagram)

Weight Est 35kg


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