Kronen Bowl Outdoor, Concrete Coffee Table

Utilising the versiltile shape that I created for the designer flower pot ‘Kronen’ I offered a different and interesting coffee table design that would make an feature in the garden or home. The sturdy stance gave the table a prominent presence which would hopefully be a talking point among guests or a point of aesthetic pleasure for the customers themselves. With the cream colour of the white concrete, the designer coffee table picked up a light, sophisticated air about it, fitting in nicely with any contemporary garden surroundings. The warmth of the cream showed less tonal variation than the concrete coffee table so if the warm grey was too rugged then this option was a great middle ground.

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Kronen Bowl outdoor coffee table was hand made, by me, in small numbers in my studio in Hertfordshire UK. It was constructed from a fibreglass reinforced, concrete mix and had a thickness of roughly 10mm. Kronen bowl coffee table could be used either way up and also looked great if filled with pebbles but I advised customers to choose their side as Kronen is prepared with rubber stopper to grip and protect the glass

36 kg
90 × 90 × 36 cm

Rust, White Concrete, Grey Concrete