Stjerne, Outdoor Concrete Coffee Table

The outdoor coffee table Stjerne took it’s name from the Danish word for star and was originally moulded from a piece of origami card which I designed and created. later resold in the warm grey concrete, the 5 point star shape gave a very different take on what usually constitutes a coffee table but also adds to it’s versatility by being outdoor suitable.

Hand Made by myself in my Hertfordshire studio this was a great chance to obtain a very distinctive and unique coffee table design that would make a real statement in the garden or home. With the warm grey concrete the table assumed a more rugged and stark feel, that played with the arching curves. Used in the setting of the home or garden this table really looked great and with such an on trend material as concrete it would be sure to be a talking point.

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Stjerne Outdoor Coffee Table was laid up with a fibre reinforced concrete mix to a rough thickness of 10mm. The combination of concrete and fibre made for a very strong material that was light enough to move around and gave the concrete appeal that customers wanted.

Concrete tends to have tonal variation when it cures which added to the rugged look and feel of the finished coffee tables. If customer were looking for a more uniform colour then the white concrete may have been a better option.

If customers were installing Stjerne it in the home then they were advised that the corners were sharp and would need some protection if standing on a bear wooden floor.

As Concrete is a porous material I would always recommend that the product was sealed as it would absorb stains quite easily.

30 kg
90 × 90 × 26 cm

Rust, White Concrete, Grey Concrete