This year saw my work on 2 show stands in Europe and I am proud to say that both designers won awards for their designs. Polly Wilksinson’s garden was the second to feature my work and was themed on the idea of how modern tech effects our lives.  The quirky features caught the imagination of the judges and they awarded Polly a silver medal for her efforts.

Polly used succulents in my planters to add a modern edge to them and the sharp pointy plants really suit the design well. The colour of the cactus as well is a sort of muted green which works well with the grey of the concrete

The planters used were Kronen 90 in grey concrete and they are available in 3 colours as standard. Shortly afterward a customer of Polly’s requested to have some pots in a bright orange having been inspired by the pots on show at Bloom earlier in the year. Any colour is possible as long as it’s RAL.

Hope fully you liked Polly’s garden and my pots that featured in them. So then you can see Polly’s work on her site or her Instagram page and give her a call to do your garden.


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