We usually associate blue swimming pools, contemporary garden terraces, and sea views with tropical islands or Mediterranean resorts. Perhaps you would not expect turquoise outdoor swimming pools and jacuzzi’s lined with stylish planters and tropical flowers over looking a sun kissed ocean in Scandinavia? 

Designer wooden kitchen

Well you should because in Denmark there is a huge coast line in relation to land mass so residents are only a stones through from the sea or can see it from the window in many nice towns.

large open lounge with interior planter

The coastal town of Arhus is in the northern part of Jutland and is the second biggest town in Denmark. It has many affluent residents for this reason and those people need places to live which is where this fine house comes in.

lounge looking out to sea

Set just to the north in Ega this amazing house has a wonderful terrace that looks out to sea with a swimming pool set in the centre. The result is a stunning view both looking across the house and out from it.

stylish large open room

The owners have decorated it in their own style which is unusually a mixture of Danish old and new. More normally in Danish house we see 60’s designed chair from well known producers which is entirely predictable but these are a little different.

lounge with coffee table

Each of the rooms is designed in such a way that the light rushes in from outside and brings the contemporary terrace and outdoor space inside easily.

mezanine dining room

The open plan layout helps the light flow with just a column separating the dining space and the lounge, both with the amazing view out over the deck to the sea.

minimalist bathroom

The theme for opening up the light continues in the more private areas of the house with the bathroom benefiting from skylights beaming down on the sinks and giving a soft glow.

bathroom with stylish tiling


social area od outdoor deck

The terrace and outdoor space is broken down in to several sections enabling social areas, cooking, bathing and eating. The glass panelled walling provides the users with an uninterrupted view out to sea.

social area under a parasol

Rattan outdoor furniture adorns the social area with a large parasol and matching planters nestled next to the columns supporting the house. Rattan has become an increasingly popular manufacturing technique for both outdoor furniture and planters in recent years. It provide the benefit of style along with light weight and therefore ease of installation and movement.

terrace and swimming pool in the sun

The durability and longevity of rattan’s quality look is something that is better suited to a domestic application rather than commercial. Interestingly the owners has not kept a continuity with the planter design as in the distance a wooden planter takes the space of the column position.

terrace and swimming pool

With steps that lead down to the 162m cellar there are parts of the outside space that feel like a boat, such is the quality and design.

terrace with a view out to sea

Small areas of the exterior terrace space have been assigned over to planting to add some colour and life to the space while maintaining most of it for practical use.

terrace with amazing view and small flower pot

And I’m not sure about the token ceramic pot placed randomly on the patio but I’m sure there is a reason.

terrace with blue sky and swimming pool

Those of you looking in the area of Denmark for a nice house will be pleased to know that not only do houses and plots of land like this exist but this very house is for sale. The price is a cool 12,900,000dkk or £1,290,000 which sounds like a bargain from what we have seen but the Danish council tax system means that you would pay around £33,000 in tax on it every year, ouch!

wooden deck terrace and lounger

Never the less this is an amazing house in an amazing location and from a Danish resident perspective it has to be up there on dream house wish list, doesn’t it? Check this house for sale in Ega out

wooden exterior deck




blue pool on a deck


cooking area with seating and shade


garden area on the deck


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