Urbis Design Create beautiful contemporary flower pots that go with any garden or interior space. They are large, elegant and minimalist in their design which enables them to span a large range of deployments. However, what if you can’t afford the large price tag or want something that’s a little bit different to the usual?

Well hopefully that’s where I can come in and offer you an alternative. My pots are all based around the theme of origami and I product only large pots that make a statement. The designs are contemporary and follow the booming trend on the ancient Japanese paper art which is sweeping the Scandinavian countries.

Below are a selection of my flower pots which are suitable for both indoor or outdoor use and come in a variety of different finishes. If you like them the navigate over to my flower pot shop to check out prices and options.

Kronen bowl rust logo(11) - Copy

Kronen bowl white logo(12) - Copy

kronen flower pot 5 2000px


kronen rusted night (5) edit 2000


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