Unlike the development of my sculpture the flower pots and coffee tables were entirely done using paper and folding it. As the shapes I was to be creating were dependant on the way origami fell it was important to keep them natural and any design not done by folding would have resulted in shapes I may not have been able to make.

Doing origami can either make or break you, the folding of paper requires a very calm head and determined mind because the paper has a mind of it’s own. I have a new found respect for the origami artists out there.


This was an idea for a tall pot that could be easily moulded and leave a nice pattern on the surface.

Stjerne coffee table concept

The Stjerne coffee table went through many different dimensions and proportions to work out the best end product. The shape had to be flat enough to be mouldable but dramatic to stand out. The distance between inner star and outer star effected the angles at which the legs came out greatly.


This fold ultimately resulted in the stjerne coffee table but I was experimenting with the dimensions needed to achieve the form desired.




A fold for a star shaped flower pot based on the Stjerne coffee table design





Further Stjerne dimension development.

Origami shape adam christopher design

having folded a simply design in A4 paper I twisted it to create this shape. The form was completely unmouldable but very pretty at the same time, certainly worth putting in the development folder.

kronen bowl net for mould

This was the net that I created to build the Kronen bowl. Kronen Tall was the same almost but with long arms coming off, it couldn’t be made from one flat piece of paper.

A small maquette for a coffee table or dining table stand. I had a few requests for custom built tables and dining tables so it was useful to have an idea of what could be done.