As I always say concrete is not only great for making planters and flower pots but also many other things. In fact in recent times it has seen a resergence in popularity and companies are trying to create the effect of concrete but with better suited materials. Concrete is a great material for compressive requirements but it’s pretty rubbish for tensile or flexural strength. Worktops are a good example of where concrete is used but it isn’t optimal for the use. It will stain easily with kitchen use, (which could be regarded as charming) and will chip when you drop something on the edge, not so charming.

Let have a look at some products in concrete or concrete effect material.

Concrete Coffee table

concrete coffee table


A very simple and effective grey stool that is made from wood but the effect is aimed at concrete lovers

Concrete Light Fitting

Concrete Light Fitting

nud collection

Definitely concrete this one and a much better use for it. Concrete doesn’t like thin sections but the manufacturers seem to have got away with this concrete light as it looks great and very of the moment.

Concrete Chair

concrete chair with wire frame


Concrete chairs aren’t new, when I was looking at products to inspire my range I found that even in the 1950’s they were making concrete chairs and today they are design icons. This isn’t one yet but it has a great look and could be a winner.

Concrete Crockery

Concrete bowl crockery


Not sure how sanitary these are for eating out of as concrete is porous and there aren’t really and food safe sealers available but they could do for decoration

Concrete Shelf

concrete shelf

cox and cox

Easy DIY project for you readers, a concrete shelf and a very attractive one at that.

Concrete Book Ends

Concrete book ends


Great use of concrete though not utilising it’s properties (other than weight) this is a good example of how concrete has crept into fashion rather than function.

Concrete Candle Holders

concrete candle holders


Concrete Draws

concrete drawers

Jean Willoughby

This will just have a concrete cladding rather than structure as the material would struggle to put up with the opening and shutting of the drawers but it’s a great way to get concrete on something you wouldn’t normally have.

Concrete Selotape Holder

concrete selotape holder

FAO shop

This I love, completely pointless making it from concrete but the light colour and copper mix makes me want it.

Concrete Stool

concrete stool

Triple seven

In a previous article I showed a stool like this and it is again a really easy make. Bucket, concrete and 3 wooden spindles, that’s all you need and you have yourself a fabulous wooden stool

Concrete Phone holder

concrete phone holder


This will not only have the benefit of holding your phone in concrete style but I would also imagine the acoustics might benefit. If not then someone should make one that does as it would look cool.

Concrete Soap Dispenser

concrete soap dispenser


Simple and functional soap dispenser. Don’t drop it though as I doubt that it would come off worst.

Concrete Clock

Concrete Clock

Me Design Andi

A clock that I don’t understand but like nonetheless



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