When non Scandinavians hear someone say ‘fjord’ they cundjure images of cruise ships edging between vertical cliff faces as the passenger gawp in awe of the views from the boat.

amazing terrace view from dainsh house

In reality those visions are merely the most impressive fjords and the majority are just estuaries with a fancy name. Denmark for example hosts many fjords that most would not consider spectacular but very pleasant.

box planters line a contemporay house entrance

And whilst the scenery is less dramatic what it does mean is that it is more practical and people can actually live there and enjoy the views from their homes and gardens.

contemporary house design with view

contemporary house lit up at night

This house just outside of Vejle is one such house that was designed in 1986 but looks as fresh as a new build. The contemporary design really wowed me and the view is pretty awesome too! With limited space of the flat kind the garden has been laid to a more practical stone covering with bushes planted within.

corner room looks out over the garden

It is almost as though the designer thought that the garden was not so necessary with such views around. Strange though it sounds I can agree with that concept, particularly when, with many modern house holds, time in the garden is a rare luxury and often considered a chore.

glass hall way

Inside the house is sectioned with oodles of glass and white facades which allows the light to flow through the house with ease. I am quite sure though that no children will rule these roosts as there would be the ever constant sounds a their heads hitting the panes of glass during a game of chase.

large open windows to outdoor terrace

The large, open, floor to ceiling windows enable the light to rush into the house and the views to be absorbed from the other side.

small planter in stylish hall way

large palm in a planter decorates hall

The entrance hall is adorned by a single flower pot for simplicity which would be a perfect location for one of my own concrete planters. The material would match the design of the house and the light would highlight the angular facets of the design.

long concrete drive

A long leading drive  is cast in concrete and would  be a roller bladers dream as it extends down to the front door which is lined with some box planters.

Lounge with a view

The lounge features a large, stylish sofa and sits high in the house to make the most to the setting. You can see in the image below that it sits on the corner of the house to get 2 walls of light in and make it very light and airy.

modern contemporary garden design

The steep rake of the hillside plot gives a great opportunity to create 2 outdoor terraces that rap around the building and make up for the lack of usable garden space.

open plan and light room

outdoor terrace with planters and seating

With this outdoor space the owners can sit on the sun terrace with their stylish designer furniture and planters and relax while the sun goes down. Then just as easily go back inside through the open plan layout. The nice thing about that is it means the outdoor space is as much that as it is indoor.

stunning view from the kitchen

If this is the kind of house that you can see yourself living in then you can always get in touch with the vendors and make an offer. It’s clearly a stunning house and would be an amazing place to live. House on the fjord

view for the garden terrace

view over the modern garden landscape



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