The dust is now settling on London Design Week and for those lucky enough to get down there it was a great few days. I took a trip on Friday and Saturday and walked round Heal’s, Tent, Design Junction and 100% design and they were all different but all good.

Tent was an interesting collection of concept and student projects from around the world, my favourite of which was no great surprise, Norway. The most bizarre design hall was claimed by the Japanese and I’m not entirely sure was going on but it seemed like there may have been a few mind altering substances in the tea. The venue was cool, housed in The Old Truman Brewery it was spread over 4 floors with ramps between each one. The top floor had some very nice smaller articles like crockery and wall hangings etc.

Design Junction was my favourite and was in the most interesting venue as well, the Old Sorting Office. It’s showcased lots of products that were actually for sale this time and there were some heavily discounted Tom Dixon bits, unfortunately I don’t see the appeal my self. As you went up from the starter hall the products turned to furniture rather than smaller trinkets and there were some really nice things, well worth a trip.

Have a look through my pictures and see what you think


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